Mayor Buttigieg Who Won 8,515 Votes Says He Can Beat Trump

"Pete Buttigieg says he can beat Donald Trump in 2020" is the headline of a Washington Post puff piece touting the Left's latest shiny thing.

The Post's Robert Costa neglects to mention the recent wave of shootings in South Bend. It's too busy kissing up to Buttigieg as he takes shots at manufacturing.

“Change is coming, ready or not,” Buttigieg told the crowd. “There is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back,” and he touted his attempts in the city to assist the workforce with training and skills programs.

The biggest employers in South Bend are Notre Dame, hospitals, a casino and the government. 

Buttigieg hasn't created tech jobs. He's perpetuated misery while finding gimmicks to build his own brand. South Bend is poor, miserable and broken.

In his book, Buttigieg derides the “moribund Studebaker corridor”, promising to make South Bend into a “Silicon Prairie” with “data centers and start-ups”. But despite seven years in power, there are relatively few such jobs in the city. Only 1.5% of South Bend’s jobs are in the computer and mathematical sector, and the occupation is listed as one of South Bend’s “least specialized”, meaning that it has dramatically fewer workers in this sector than most places in America.

Instead, the city has increasingly become an appendage of Notre Dame, a wealthy Catholic private university. The people who once upon a time might have worked good union jobs at Studebaker now work increasingly in the “food and serving” sector, whipping up fancy coffees and craft booze for the rich kids. It’s not only one of the city’s five biggest sectors, unlike “computer and mathematical”, “food and serving” is a South Bend speciality. The median person employed in this sector is paid $13,400 per year. Another heavy hitter is the large and specialized “healthcare and social assistance” industry, which pays a marginally better $25,612.

Poverty and low incomes push residents into crime. A resident of South Bend is more than three times more likely to be murdered than the average American, twice as likely to be raped, and three times more likely to be robbed or assaulted

Meanwhile, while the Washington Post touts Buttigieg as a plausible challenger, it neglects to explain to its readers, most of whom still believe that Trump takes his orders from Moscow, what Pete's track record looked like.

Much has been made of Buttigieg winning reelection by 80%. This isn’t a testament to his unique charisma. Democrats have had a lock on the mayorality in South Bend for two generations.

The media cheers that Buttigieg won 80% of the vote. It neglects to mention that it was 8,515 votes. That’s about the 8,369 votes that came in during the primaries. Buttigieg raised $337,161 dollars while his Republican opponent, Kelly Jones, had raised $584 dollars. The millennial wunderkind needed $40 bucks a vote while his unknown Republican opponent managed at around a quarter a vote.

He didn't win by 8.515. That was his total.

Buttigieg beat relatively unknown Republican challenger - and political newcomer - Kelly Jones. With 100 percent of precincts reporting he had 8,515 votes to her 2,074.

He's ready to run a national race.


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