Media Oddly Less Interested in Obama Ally, Not Trump Ally, Being Busted Over Ukraine

Everybody and their cousin, from across the political spectrum, was involved in Ukraine. That included Obama, Clinton and Bernie people. And they've been getting a pass. 


And even when they aren't getting a pass, the media is still giving them one.

On Thursday, the combined evening airtime allowed by ABC, CBS, and NBC for the indictment of former White House lawyer Greg Craig was one minute and 15 seconds. Both ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News sprinted past the story with 16 and 17 seconds respectively. NBC Nightly News offered a little bit more time (42 seconds) but it was still under a minute.

With the collusion conspiracy on their minds, those same networks went into a feeding frenzy in late October 2017.

NewsBusters previously documented that following the indictments of Paul Manafort and deputy chair Rick Gates, the evening programs of ABC, CBS, and NBC dedicated 33 minutes and nine seconds on related news, while spending 22 minutes and 14 seconds on all other news for the day. Doing the math, that meant they spent 60 percent (59.86 percent) of their total airtime on news sparked by the indictments.

It's okay. If Craig had been a Republican, I'm sure the media would have covered him for an hour. What could be fairer than that?