MSNBC's Mueller Ambush Shows the Left Can't Leave Mueller

In my piece on the Mueller cult, I wrote that, "Like all holy books, the Mueller report is more than its mere text. It is the faith of its followers. They will go on believing in a true Mueller report while dismissing the real report and the real Mueller. Mueller’s fans never knew who he was. He was an idea. Now the idea, like all lefty ideas, is dead. Its killer was that old villain named Reality who tears through lefty beliefs about economics and politics."

The Mueller obsession was one of the odder lefty cults. And MSNBC, which went even further into conspiracyland than CNN, was the most obsessed with Mueller. And that's what led to the awkward ambush of MSNBC's former hero in which a reporter questions Mueller the way a purist might go after Bob Dylan for going electric. 

Why has Mueller betrayed them, is the unspoken question. The unspoken answer is that lefties never knew who Mueller was. He was an idea. A myth. And confronting the real man is awkward and unsatisfying. Like fans hassling an actor who plays a character they idolize, MSNBC is left with the reality that real life doesn't match its fantasies.