The Mueller Report is a Fishing Expedition With No Fish

The Mueller witch hunt got its best results nailing its targets for process crimes without ever proving that an actual crime that justified its investigation had been committed.

The Mueller Report fittingly tries to smear President Trump for obstructing an investigation into a crime that it never actually proves.

There could be no more fitting end to the charade in which the pursuit of a crime becomes the pursuit of an obstruction of a crime that nobody can actually ever prove. Political targets are indicted for lying to the FBI. Even though lying to the FBI is the sort of thing that Hillary Clinton and her associates do for a fun weekend. But what's the crime at the center of it all? Where's the princess for the hero to rescue? Where's the beef? What's the point of it all? There isn't one.

The Mueller Report is an indictment, but not of Trump, but of its authors and perpetrators, who wasted millions, who wasted the time of the American people, and who divided the country, without ever being able to deliver more than innuendo.

The Mueller investigation was always a fishing expedition. The Mueller Report revealed that there were never actually any fish.