The Mueller Report Reduces a Collusion to a Character Attack

Forget obstruction, the latest shiny object that the lefty pundit class is clinging to. If Mueller really believed he could make an obstruction case in court, he wouldn't have left AG Barr holding the bag.

Obstruction is just as dead as collusion. Especially because if President Trump had really wanted to shut down the investigation (the term obstruction really can't apply), he could have done so fairly easily. 

Mueller and co. go to great lengths to document Trump's political hostility to itself, a deeply cynical act that reeks of conflict of interest and entitlement, but the simple fact is that if Trump had wanted this Democrat circus gone, he could have done so. He didn't.

And all that's left to anti-Trumpworld is character attacks.

The issue is collusion, an accusation that Mueller couldn't substantiate. It's not even obstruction of justice. It's critiques of style and character.

"A Portrait of the White House and Its Culture of Dishonesty,' the New York Times leads.

The real dishonesty is that of the Times and the rest of the media which promised a criminal case and delivered only another character attack.

Or take David French of the National Review squealing, "The Mueller Report Should Shock Our Conscience". If French had a conscience, instead of having his moral compass set on being the lefty's idea of an ideal conservative, he would be the one apologizing.

What the Times and the Never Trumpers are really saying is that they spent a fortune, ruined people's lives and abused law enforcement powers to argue that... Trump is a "bad person". That's not a legal matter. That's opposition research. And, as I wrote today, that's all this is.

Opposition research.

President Trump would be well within his rights to send the DNC a $32 million bill for it. American taxpayers should not be on the hook for funding Democrat opposition research. That’s what George Soros, Pierre Omidyar, and Tom Steyer are for. The Mueller investigation was the last refuge of efforts by Democrat operatives to target Trump using the government. After losing the White House, they resorted to a special prosecutor. And after Mueller, the investigation will be run out of the House.

But what, after all these years, all the millions of dollars, the hundreds of witnesses and search warrants, the countless lunches, subpoenas, and media leaks, is there left to investigate?


The Mueller report and the last ditch effort of its defenders is to use their abuse of power to argue that they've proven that Trump is a bad person because he tried to defend himself against them.

That's not an indictment of Trump. It's an indictment of anyone using this Kafkaesque argument, whether he works for the New York Times or the National Review.