New York Times Runs Op-Ed Cheering Government Shutdown of Social Media

The media keeps wailing that its First Amendment rights are under siege. And it continually demands that everyone else's First Amendment rights be eliminated.

And so it decided to run a piece by lefty 'tech journalist', Kara Swisher titled, "Sri Lanka Shut Down Social Media. My First Thought Was ‘Good.’"

Sri Lanka has a quasi-totalitarian regime. The government censors the internet. News sites are required to register with the government.

Let's remember that this is what the New York Times and Kara Swisher are cheering. And the next time the New York Times puts on a pity party for freedom of the press, remind it of its actual views.

"When the Sri Lankan government temporarily shut down access to American social media services like Facebook and Google’s YouTube after the bombings there on Easter morning, my first thought was “good.”, Kara Swisher writes. "Good, because it could save lives. Good, because the companies that run these platforms seem incapable of controlling the powerful global tools they have built. Good, because the toxic digital waste of misinformation that floods these platforms has overwhelmed what was once so very good about them."

Can we censor the New York Times because its misinformation could cost lives or because its toxicity has overwhelmed whatever was ever good about it? 

"In short: Stop the Facebook/YouTube/Twitter world — we want to get off," Swisher writes.

Get off then. No one is forcing her to be on social media. She wants to shut down mediums that she can't ideologically control.

"Namely, social media has blown the lids off controls that have kept society in check. These platforms give voice to everyone, but some of those voices are false or, worse, malevolent, and the companies continue to struggle with how to deal with them."

The real question here is do we want a free society or a totalitarian society whose information and dialogue is controlled from the top-down?

That's what Kara Swisher, the New York Times, the media and lefty elites are promoting. And they should be constantly called out on it.

Their illiberal utopia requires suppressing dissent. And the only way to do it is by destroying the internet.


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