Stacey Abrams is Saying She Won Because Dems Don't Care About Elections or Facts

The New York Times has a high-profile article touting loser Stacey Abrams. It's titled, "Why Stacey Abrams Is Still Saying She Won."

Let me save you the trouble.

Abrams is saying it for two reasons.

1. The Democrats no longer care about election results. They always assume that any election they won, no matter how, is legitimate. And any race that they lost was stolen from them. This was why they rejected the wins of both Bush Jr. and Trump. This is now the new normal.

2. The Democrats also don't care about facts. In an atmosphere choked with conspiracy theories, where Russian bots hack Facebook and somehow change election outcomes, claiming, as Abrams does, that something happened is just as good.

Russia hacked the election. The moon landing was faked. 9/11 was an inside job. The FBI keeps framing Muslims. Hillary Clinton was sabotaged to prevent the truth about Area 51 from getting out. (Yes, that's an actual conspiracy theory out there.)

There's no downside for Stacey Abrams. Losing is no longer a reflection of one's failure in the Hillary age. It just means Bigfoot hacked Facebook.