“We’re Gonna Punch Trump in the Face!” Says 2020 Dem Losing to Everyone

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is brave. Or at least that's her campaign branding. 

I guess it takes bravery to humiliatingly lose to everyone except Andrew Yang and Julian Castro after raising millions of dollars. It takes bravery to debut your kickoff speech next to the Trump hotel only to have no one show up. And it takes bravery to continue humiliating yourself around the country. And then getting desperate and saying things like, “We’re gonna punch Trump in the face!”

That would be "dangerous incitement" if a Republican had said it. But it's "awesome" when a Democrat does.

“We’re gonna punch Trump in the face!” she tells me, smiling broadly, literally jumping up and down. “It’s the New York way!”

Gillibrand isn't New York City prole. She's wealthy upstate. The New York way couldn't be any more alien to her if she were from Iowa.

The routine, like all her routines, is wincingly unconvincing.

It's also pathetic that Gillibrand pretends that launching a rally outside a hotel on the Upper West Side while Trump is commuting between Florida and D.C. is a punch in the face.

“I have a record of doing the brave thing when it’s hard, when it’s not convenient, when it’s things others won’t do. That’s what makes me different,” Gillibrand told the Burlington crowd


Gillibrand's record is famously that of supporting conservative issues when she ran in her district and then going liberal once she became a senator and then going far to the left in the 2020 race, while apologizing for her past positions.

Now that's bravery.

She closes, again, with “I’m not afraid of anything—I stand up to bullies,” and adds, “I will run through fire for you!”

It almost gets to the point where you can't hate her anymore, you can only feel sorry for her. Gillibrand is like a drunk who has no idea how stupid he looks.

Yes, the privileged flip-flopping appointee will run through fire for you, isn't afraid of bullies and will punch Trump. Or at least talk a lot about how awesome she is, but without even the ironic self-deprecation or charm that smarter candidates have mastered.


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