42% of American Jews Say Trump is Too Pro-Israel

Conservatives often ask me why, when Republicans are pro-Israel, does the Jewish vote continue to tilt toward the Democrats.

The simple answer is that, like the Christians who vote for Democrats,a significant percentage of American Jews have no religion worth mentioning, no identification with the Jewish people, and would give their very last penny to fight for abortion rights, but would write off Israel in a heartbeat.

Many don't like the Jewish State and their idea of being Jewish is watching Woody Allen movies or, for millennials, Broad City.

This poll is damning, but not hopeless. It divides Jews from leftists with Jewish last names.

Roughly four-in-ten (42%) say they think Trump is favoring the Israelis too much, while a similar share (47%) say he is striking the right balance between the Israelis and Palestinians. The rest either say he is favoring the Palestinians too much (6%) or they don’t know (4%).

On the bright side, this means that about 53% of American Jews are pro-Israel. On the down side, 42% of American Jews are anti-Israel.

Call this, the J Street demographic.

That doesn't mean they support Hamas. But to their feelings on Israel may range from hostility, JVP, J Street, IfNotNow, T'ruah, to discomfort HIAS, ADL, to apathy.

That 42% that actually thinks Trump is too pro-Israel is announcing that it's anti-Israel.


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