Affirmative Action Gets Embedded Into SAT Scores

This may be partly a response to the Trump administration and successful challenges to the illegal policy of admitting students based on skin color.

The SAT has been tampered with before, but this is an official rigging of what had been a test of merit. 

The College Board plans to add the "adversity score" to the profile of every college applicant who takes the exam. The score will reportedly reflect each student's family income, environment and educational differences in an attempt to level the playing field of the admissions process. The score will not consider an applicant's race.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 50 schools received the scores as part of a beta test last year. Approximately 150 more colleges are expected to see them this fall.   

"What the SAT is is a valid measure of your achievement: what have you learned in reading and math, how ready you are for college," Coleman said on "CBS This Morning." "But what it doesn't measure alone is, it doesn't measure what you've overcome--the situation that you achieved that in."

Tests don't measure what you've overcome. There's no test that can do that.

That is the whole point.

Standardized tests are not a measure of your life story. Just of your knowledge, abilities and readiness for college.

It's up to a college to consider the intangibles. The SAT was supposed to measure tangibles. Now it doesn't even do that anymore.

So the system is now literally shoving affirmative action into test scores. 

Coleman is a Gates Foundation product. He was brought in to dumb down the SATs for diversity. He's been doing that quite well. Coleman's previous efforts included removing a penalty for wrong answers, dumbing down the vocabulary and essay sections, and now making the SAT a complete joke.

Conservatives in education, government and business should reevaluate the validity of the SAT accordingly.