Anti-Semitic CIA Dem Candidate Defends Dem Spying on Republicans

Valerie Plame, the former It Girl of the anti-Bush Left, who got into trouble for tweeting anti-Semitic material, is running for Congress.

And, like Rep. Ilhan Omar, she's getting a pass on her anti-Semitism.

Now she'd like to return the favor by giving the Dems a pass on Watergate 2.0.

Demonstrating the news network's commitment to anti-Semitism, Plame appears to now be a regular on CNN where she claimed that she didn't believe that spying actually happened.

"These are professionals in our intelligence community, both in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and in the CIA. I have to believe that what happened was that there was real cause. And the bar is extremely high to collect information particularly on a US citizen," Plame claimed.

The bar is really high. The target has to be a Republican. Or a pro-Israel activist.

"So I don't know all the details of what led to that, but I think Attorney General Barr's rather casual assessment that the FBI spied on candidate Trump is a little too loose with the facts," the anti-Semitic candidate concluded.

The fact is there was spying. Whether or not it was justified does not change that fact.

Plame, like most leftists, doesn't understand what facts mean. They're not nomenclature. They're a description of what took place.

Spying can be justified. That's why you had better justify it before doing it. Especially when going after the political opposition.