Anti-Trump Global Warming Rally Forced to Seek Shelter in Trump Tower Due to Rain

Is there anything the failed New York City mayor and preemptively failed 2020 presidential candidate does that isn't a humiliating failure?

Even as he was trying to distract attention from his car accident cover-up with a Trump Tower rally promoting his Green New Deal and its skyscraper ban, Mayor Bill de Blasio ended up having to seek shelter in the Trump Tower lobby due to... the weather.

Where he was hassled by pro-Trump protesters. 

The rally for the city’s Green New Deal was originally scheduled to be held in front of Trump Tower, but was moved into the lobby due to inclement weather.

New York City’s own Green New Deal plan – officially called The Climate Mobilization Act and modeled after the one proposed in Congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. – passed the City Council last month in a 45-2 vote. De Blasio has not yet signed the legislation but is expected to soon.

I wrote about this idiotic thing last month which mandates wind turbines on all the roofs in a city with not enough wind to power a washing machine.

Bill de Blasio claimed that the city would switch completely to ‘renewables’ in only 5 years. That would be a spectacular achievement since neither solar nor wind energy work all that well in New York.

New York ranks 47 out of 50 states in average sunlight hours at only 3.79. It’s windier than it is sunnier, but still only comes in at 28 out of 50 with an average annual windspeed of 0.05 miles per hours. Turbines need winds of 10 miles an hour to start working and city winds are not only erratic, when they blow, they come from different directions, making conventional wind energy setups all but useless.

The New York Times even noted that the city’s turbines were for show, with the builder of the city’s first wind turbine building installation admitting that they barely did anything. “On a good day, there’s maybe enough energy to power the common areas,” he said, “but we don’t get a lot of good days.”

“Our installers spend more time convincing people not to build turbines than to build them,” New York State’s turbine program director said. “The conditions really have to be ideal.”

So it comes as no surprise that the rally was the result of poor planning.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced a crowd of angry protesters Monday at a raucous rally promoting the city’s Green New Deal inside the lobby of Trump Tower, where the Democrat threatened President Trump’s family company with millions of dollars in fines if his buildings don’t comply with new environmental standards.

“His buildings are one of the biggest polluters in New York City,” de Blasio said. “Cut your emissions or we’ll cut something you really care about.”

De Blasio, who is mulling a Democratic presidential run, added: “We’ll take your money.”

Well obviously. You're a socialist.

But if you get rid of Trump Tower where will you shelter when it rains?