Bernie Sanders Will Take Away Your Health Care and Your Son's Charter School

There is no limit to what socialists will take away from you under the guise of giving you pie in the sky.

Bernie 'Breadlines' Sanders has another bright idea. After taking away your health care, he'll take away your son's charter school too.

In a major education policy speech set to be delivered Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders will call for a ban on all for-profit charter schools... the Vermont independent also will call for a moratorium on the funding of all public charter school expansion until a national audit on the schools has been completed. 

Sanders will also make the case that the growth of charter schools has done disproportionate harm to the black community because it has pulled public dollars away from community public schools.

Charter schools and school choice have been the only option for black students seeking to escape the death grip of the teachers' unions.

Charter schools help black students. They hurt the unions who exploit children.

If Bernie thinks this is going to win over black voters, he's dumber than he sounds.


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