Bernie Sanders Wouldn't Call Venezuelan Dictator, a "Dictator", Calls Trump a Dictator

Senator Bernie Sanders, a fan of Fidel Castro and other Marxist dictators, tweeted to President Trump, accusing him of acting like a dictator.

"Sorry, Mr. President, you are not a dictator," the Socialist who sided with Castro over JFK tweeted.

President Trump is not a dictator. The evidence is obvious. If Trump were a dictator, Bernie Sanders would be in love with him.

“I remember being very excited when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba,” Sanders, who is now a 2020 presidential candidate, said. “I remember reading that it seemed right and appropriate that poor people were rising up against rather ugly rich people.”

Then there was Ortega in Nicaragua.

A video from the Center for Media Democracy (CCTV) shows Sanders, who had just returned from a trip to Nicaragua, praising Ortega as “an impressive guy” and suggesting ways for the Nicaraguan government to appeal to the American people. At the time, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan supported the Contras who sought to overthrow Ortega’s regime.

And Bernie's honeymoon in the USSR where he praised the accomplishments of the brutal Communist dictatorship.

When asked about Venezuela, Sanders refused to call its socialist tyrant, Maduro, a dictator. But he has no problem implying that Trump is.