This is California's Money": Gov Newsom Attacks Trump For Pulling $1B From "Train to Nowhere"

Governor Newsom took a short break from saving serial killers from the death penalty and pardoning illegal alien criminals to complain about President Trump's move to pull nearly $1 billion from California's Train to Nowhere.

The Trump administration cancelled nearly $1 billion Thursday in federal money for California's high-speed rail project, further throwing into question the future of the ambitious plan to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom immediately pledged to take the administration to court.

"The Trump Administration's action is illegal and a direct assault on California," he said in an emailed statement. "This is California's money, appropriated by Congress, and we will vigorously defend it in court."

And I'm sure that the Clinton and Obama judges will immediately declare that California is entitled to all the money it wants despite blatantly violating the terms of its agreement.

It's not California's money. It's taxpayer money. It was appropriated under particular conditions which have not been met.

And what Newsom really means is that it's the money of California's corrupt political leaders to play with as they choose.

The FRA said in a statement that it's still exploring whether it can force California to return $2.5 billion the state has already spent.

Wouldn't it be funny if that money were then used to build a wall?