Cannes Opens With MAGA Bashing Flick

Chances are that you'll never see or even hear of The Dead Don't Die, an awkward shambling fourth wall parody of zombie movies by artsy director Jim Jarmusch. A weak and poorly reviewed tribute to Romero zombie flicks would seem like an odd way to open the Cannes film festival.

But bashing conservatives is usually a pretty good substitute for talent and ability.

Vanity Fair calls it a "zombie comedy for the Trump age."

The AV Club calls it a "zombie comedy for the Trump age".

Zombies aren't real. But the media is the next best thing. Sometimes it seems like a hive mind with one single brain.

"Bill Murray and Adam Driver Fight Zombies in MAGA-Infested Small," the Daily Beast headlines.

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Review: Jim Jarmusch’s Sluggish Zombie Comedy Targets Trump," Indie Wire declaims.

Despite the headlines, there isn't much Trump content here. Just a racist stereotype who wears a "Make America White Again" hat. That's the sort of subtle touch Hollywood loves.

The fact that the media is leading coverage with that cheap shot at Republicans adequately sums up its core obsession. Would a zombie comedy without a cheap shot at Trump be opening Cannes? 

I doubt it.