CNN Poll Shows Elizabeth Warren Really is Unelectable

Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign has consisted of two things.

1. Feverishly announcing fantasy five-year plans for every area of the economy every two minutes.

2. Her proxies blaming sexism for her perception of being unlikable and unelectable.

Is Warren actually unlikable and unelectable? A recent CNN poll strikingly shows Trump losing to every major Dem candidate from Biden through Harris. Even Beto and Buttigieg. (After the 2016 election, it goes without saying that these polls shouldn't be taken too seriously.)

The one candidate the poll shows him beating? Elizabeth Warren.

Curiously, while more voters are undecided in a contest between Trump and Buttigieg, the undecided voters drop. And against Warren, Trump, for the first time, hits 48%.

People really do hate Warren. A percentage of the electorate willing to go for Biden, Sanders and Buttigieg, even Kamala Harris, would rather vote for Trump than Elizabeth Warren. 

The accusations of sexism aren't fixing this.

And, if Warren somehow becomes the nominee, the election would be a cakewalk. That probably won't happen. Unless Bernie Sanders is eaten by a whale. But in that unlikely event, Trump could stay in Florida, ignore the election, and still win.

Because nobody likes Elizabeth Warren.


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