Contempt for Rep. Nadler's Contempt Theater

In the new do-nothing House, the importance of any given Dem figure is how many anti-Trump hearings they hold and how they pander to the base's bloodlust for doing something to President Trump. The more hearings and legal threats these hacks manufacture, the more likely they are to be invited on MSNBC and cash in on donations.

Contempt theater is nothing new. It never goes anywhere. And it's almost becoming routine.

Rep. Nadler and his allies are trying to drag out the inevitable with suggestions of fines and mysterious cells inside the House, which is added incentive for Trump admin members to avoid the House entirely.

These aren't even power plays. They're attention getting stunts.

Rep. Nadler is dividing Americans and poisoning the political atmosphere for his own political gain. And that's truly contemptible.

He knows perfectly well that this theater isn't going anywhere. He's relying on his supporters to be too stupid and too crazed to know any better.

Sadly, he's probably right about that.

The media's fake news helps manufacture significance to the theater and the average #resistance member still thinks the 23rd amendment is a thing.