Documents Show Russia Wanted to Recruit Black Nationalists, Not Trump

The collusion is coming from inside the Democrats. It always was.

Russia is being run by ex-KGB people. It's not too surprising that they're pursuing the same tactics that they did during the Soviet days.

Despite media lies and Democrat conspiracy theories, a Senate report on the so-called Russian election interference showed that Russia targeted black people, not Republicans.

It also reveals that the Russians bought over 1,000 ads targeting African-Americans and less than 300 targeting conservatives. There were 81 social justice ads and only 24 patriotism ads, 66 pro-gun ads and 70 LGBT ads, 43 veteran ads and 57 Muslim ads, not to mention 143 Latin American culture ads.

The African-American ads also produced over 1.5 million clicks while the conservative ads produced well below 500,000. The former ads also racked up over 15 million impressions while the conservative ads scored below 6 million. Not only did the Russians seem to spend less time and achieve fewer result by targeting conservatives, but they produced more clicks, 548,139, by targeting Latinos.

More documents have now come out showing that the Russians were doing the same stuff they had been up to during the Cold War.

Recruiting black nationalists for domestic terrorism.

The documents contained proposals for several ways to further exacerbate racial discord in the future, including a suggestion to recruit African Americans and transport them to camps in Africa “for combat prep and training in sabotage.” Those recruits would then be sent back to America to foment violence and work to establish a pan-African state in the South, particularly in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

One document said that President Donald Trump’s election had “deepened conflicts in American society” and suggested that, if successful, the influence project would “undermine the country’s territorial integrity and military and economic potential.”

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., who was briefed on the documents, said they highlight how ongoing racial issues in the U.S. can be used in misinformation efforts.

“Russia understands how critical the African American vote is to determining the outcome of elections,” said Demings, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. “And because we have not effectively dealt with racism as a country ourselves, I believe we've made ourselves vulnerable to foreign powers like Russia to continue to try to undermine.”

Race relations in America were pretty good before Obama.

Democrats chose to tank them in order to improve their voting prospects by radicalizing their base. They opened the door to this.

And the people the Russians wanted to recruit are on their side of the political aisle.

The collusion is coming from inside their house.

It's the party of Angela Davis that has once again made America vulnerable to enemy subversion.


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