Elizabeth Warren Turned Down FOX News Town Hall Out of Embarassment

Senator Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed that she turned down a FOX News town hall because it's a ‘A hate-for-profit racket’.

That more accurately describes MSNBC.

Why did Warren turn down a FOX News town hall? Her CNN town hall was forgettable and suffered from much lower ratings than those of Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders. And even Amy Klobuchar.

Warren isn't actually interesting or watchable. She's great at tweeting loudly lefty things, but doesn't perform well with audiences.

A FOX News town hall wouldn't have been a disaster. It would have just been another mediocre performance from Warren with poor ratings and clumsy rambling answers. It was easier for her to instead denounce FOX News and act like a heroine for refusing to do a town hall than to fail.


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