Everyone Hates Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio might have left office as the first Democrat to have managed two terms in New York City since the 90s. 

Despite his abysmal failures as a politician and a human being, he might have left with the appearance of success. And then, stirred on by the voices in his head, he decided to run for president.

That was a very, very bad idea.

His current favorable rating is 8. His unfavorable rating is 45.

He scores as much as 1% among the handful of Democrats who might support him. Unfortunately the only categories he scores that 1% among are conservative white men who lean, but aren't, Democrat.

I don't know why. But that's not the electorate he wants.

Meanwhile he does come in 3rd, after Biden and Sanders, among candidates whom Democrats would be unhappy if they were nominated. Biden and Sanders are there at 10%. And Bill is there at 8%.

He also comes in third in the amount of attention his campaign is getting.

People hate him. They really do.

Wilhelm gets a 59% unfavorable rating from Republicans, a 35% unfavorable rating from Democrats and a 41% unfavorable rating from independents.

53% of men hate him. 51% of people with college degrees hate him.

35% of liberals and 33% of conservatives hate him.

It's official. Everyone hates Bill de Blasio.