The Media Turns On NYC's Failed Mayor Over Presidential Run

The 2020 clown car is full and the media would like Democrats to stop clambering on board. 22 candidates is too many.

23? Definitely too many.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, the New York political trainwreck, trying to climb into the race is being met with a media reception usually reserved for Republicans and pro-life Democrats.

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New York City residents don't love Bill de Blasio and don't want him to run for president - Washington Post

When Wilhelm staged his Green New Deal rally at Trump Tower, the New York Times described it as a spectacle and Politico as a circus.

I feel no sympathy for de Blasio whatsoever, but these are examples of media bias. Had the media covered de Blasio this way during either of his races, he wouldn't be running New York into the ground.

The same media mocking and ridiculing him now that he represents a threat to their 2020 guy or gal, was cheering him on then.

The media is incapable of objectively covering candidates without the filter of its political interests and agendas.

Bill de Blasio is a terrible candidate. But he was just as terrible when he was running for reelection. 

In 2017, the New York Times endorsed him, claiming, "Mayor de Blasio Has Earned a Second Term".

That's the same guy it's running down two years later.

Did de Blasio suddenly turn bad since then or does the Times back politicians for purely strategic lefty reasons without caring how bad they are?

We quote. You decide.