Muslim American Society Lied About Responsibility in Child Beheading Video


When the video of children singing Jihadi songs in Philly went viral, the Muslim American Society (MAS) Philadelphia claimed that it had nothing to do with it. As Steve Emerson at IPT reveals though, that's not exactly true.

Even though the school is called MAS Leaders Academy, and even though it was among many school videos posted on MAS social media outlets, the statement described it as "a separate entity renting space from MAS Philadelphia."

Pennsylvania corporate records tell another story.

MAS-Philadelphia has existed at least since 2003, records obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show. But it filed new articles of incorporation April 25 under the name Muslim American Society of Phila, Inc.

Those records and the Leaders Academy corporate records were filed by the same person, an accountant named Amro Azazi. MAS-Philadelphia and the Leaders Academy share the same mailing address. They also share at least two officers. Naser Khatib and Jehad Salem are listed on last month's MAS filing, the records show. And they were listed on the Leaders Academy's 2017 corporate records.

There's plenty more there. But nothing that the media, which eagerly swallowed MAS' story will want to report. Not unless it's forced to.

Follow-up stories on this should incorporate the IPT report and challenge media fake news denials.


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