Poll Shows Why Bernie Sanders Can Never Be President

His unfavorable rating hits a new high

There's bad news for socialist grifter Bernie Sanders in the latest poll. The 1% class warfare politician has hit a new unfavorable high with voters.

Bernie's best favorable rating, 50%, datd back to the 2016 campaign. Since then his numbers have been dropping sharply.

His favorable rating fell from 48 in Jan 2018 to 41% now.

Meanwhile his unfavorable rating has climbed to 48% putting him very decisively underwater. 

The unfavorable rating is a new high, rising from 37% in March of 2016 to 42% in Dec 2018 to 48% now.

Even among Democrats, Senator Sanders has a 20% unfavorable rating. 

But Independents really hate him. 

His unfavorable rating among indies is 49%.

Despite claims that Bernie can win over Trump or Rust Belt voters, his negatives remain quite high among white voters, both college 54% and non-college 61%.

He polls very well among liberal voters, but that's about it.

White voters really hate him. So does everyone over 50.

Bye, bye Bernie.