Stacey Abrams: “I Am Not Delusional"

"I am not a Nazi."

"I am not an adulterer."

"I am not delusional."

When you have to make announcements like these, it's probably because you're not in a very good place. Stacey Abrams is not in a very good place.

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams again claimed she won the state's 2018 gubernatorial race on Friday, despite losing to now-Gov. Brian Kemp.

"I'm here to tell you a secret that makes Breitbart and [Fox News host] Tucker Carlson go crazy: We won,” Abrams said, according to The Houston Chronicle. “I am not delusional. I know I am not the governor of Georgia -- possibly yet."

So the gap between delusional and not, according to Abrams, is believing that you should be the governor vs believing you are the governor.

I'm not too sure about this metric,

There are plenty of people who believe that they are...

1. The Czar of Russia

2. The President of the United States

3. Jesus

...while being willing to concede that most people don't currently recognize them as such. This doesn't mean they're not delusion. It just means they're not completely delusional.

A more accurate concession by Abrams would be, "I'm not completely delusional".

According to Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek, she said in her remarks that "we don’t have to concede elections anymore, because when we concede, we are condoning systems that are used to oppress us."

When do Democrats concede elections? They're still trying to contest the 2016 presidential election by blaming Russians on Facebook for not campaigning in Wisconsin.


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