Trump Has Officially Trolled Dems Into a State of Madness

Madness is the state of losing touch with reality. 

Trump has managed to twist the Dem sense of reality so badly that party members, especially those in the media, exist in a universe defined entirely by him, by the conspiracies that they attribute to him, and then by reading deep conspiracies into his trolling until they don't know what reality is anymore.

Here's CNN suffering a severe breakdown of its reality.

Here's proof of how Trump has mixed up Washington: Some Democrats think he might want to be impeached

By, some Democrats, CNN means itself.

It seems a crazy idea that any president would actually want to be impeached.

But when you're crazy, you start attributing crazy ideas to other people.

Many Democrats fear that Trump may be laying an impeachment trap that could consume the House majority, distract them from key issues like health care and alienate persuadable voters.But it's also possible their leaders could be talking up the idea that Trump wants to be impeached as a way to quell discontent among some base activists that Washington Democrats are not doing more to constrain the President.

Either Trump is making us crazy. Or we're making ourselves crazy. 

Does Trump want us to impeach him or are our own leaders telling us that he does us to trick because they don't want us to impeach him, because they're all working for Trump?

So many questions. So much madness.

This is what happens when your reality becomes so thoroughly defined by conspiracy theories that you no longer know how to find your way back to reality.


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