Valerie Plame Joins Omar, Tlaib, in Getting a Media Pass on Anti-Semitism

Valerie Plame had tweeted an article titled, “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.”

The content of the article is about what one would expect from anything with that title.

Now she's running for Congress, as a Dem of course, and CNN tepidly asked her about it. Plame then bizarrely replied that she had only skimmed the article and hadn't realized it was anti-Semitic.

The exchange is bizarre, because Plame is rattling off a scripted apology slash denial that barely relates to what happened. CNN then follows up with a question about whether she had read or skimmed the article.

Even though that's not the point.

Plame claimed that she had only skimmed it when this scandal first broke. It's the same old, senseless excuse. When your article is titled, “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars", you don't need to do a lot of in-depth reading.

There is no way the media would have let a Republican get away with a defense like that. But Democrats, whether it's Omar, Tlaib or Plame, always get a pass.