Why the Media is Pushing to Break Up Facebook, Not Google

On paper, the case for breaking up Google is much stronger than breaking up Facebook.

Google's dominance of search has locked down the internet. Combine that with its mobile power and growing strength in the assistants market gives it a virtual strangehold. Its future is far less fragile than that of Facebook which is extremely dependent on public whims. Hardly anyone under 40 even uses Facebook anymore.

So why is the media aggressively pushing to sanction Facebook, not Google?

As I discuss in an upcoming pamphlet, social media was meant to offer a user-driven experience. Instead of a top-down model where companies decided what you saw, social media is supposed to work by having the wisdom of the crowd determine your experience.

The media hated this for obvious reasons.

During its PageRank origins, Google used 'wisdom of the crowd' technology. Then it switched to a top-down model.

That's why people were more likely to see conservative content on Facebook, not Google.

It's why the media is obsessed with destroying social media.


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