16 Biggest Advertisers Ally to Censor "Hate Speech" on Social Media

Are we on Big Brother 4.5 or 4.6? I can't seem to keep track anymore.

We have these cartel alliances of dot coms and megacorps banding together to turn the First Amendment into a dead letter. Here's the latest little alliance of the world's biggest advertisers.

Sixteen of the world’s biggest advertisers have joined together to push platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube to do more to tackle dangerous and fake content online.

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media will also include media buying agencies from the major ad groups - WPP, IPG, Publicis, Omnicom and Dentsu - as well as the platform owners, the group said on Tuesday at the ad industry’s annual gathering in Cannes, France.

How does one define, "fake and dangerous content"? Often it's any content that lefties don't like.

Luis Di Como, executive vice president of global media at Unilever, said it was the first time that all sides of the industry had come together to tackle a problem that had far reaching consequences for society.

“When industry challenges spill into society, creating division and putting our children at risk, it’s on all of us to act,” he said. “Founding this alliance is a great step toward rebuilding trust in our industry and society.”

If banding together to censor the internet doesn't restore trust in the megacorps selling us chemicals from China, I can't imagine what will.

Other brand owners in the alliance include Adidas, Danone, Diageo, Mondelez International, Nestle and Procter & Gamble.

Here's more details.

The announcement wasn't clear on what actions the new coalition will be taking, but the focus of the collaboration will be to pressure companies like Facebook and Google to clean up their platforms.

Google controls 80% of search and Facebook controls 80% of social. Their platforms are... the internet.

Alliance members will work collaboratively to identify actions that will better protect consumers online, working towards a media environment where hate speech, bullying and disinformation is challenged

What exactly does "challenging" hate speech and disinformation mean? Isn't this the sort of thing totalitarian regimes do.

Question asked. Question answered.


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