2/3 of Dems Don't Know That "Medicare for All" Will Take Away Their Health Plans

How was Barack Obama able to get away with the, "If you like your doctor..." lie? This is how.

Most Dems support lefty policies, but don't understand the impact that they will actually have in the real world.

According to a new telephone poll that the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation published Tuesday morning, many of those voters seem to think that Medicare for All would do things it wouldn’t ― or, more precisely, that it wouldn’t do things it would....

Two-thirds of Democratic voters think that people with employer coverage could hold on to their policies under Medicare for All, according to the Kaiser study, which used a nationally representative sample of more than 1,200 adults.

In reality, both the Sanders proposal and its House counterpart, from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), would prohibit the sale of private insurance that is “duplicative” of what the new government plan would offer.

That would effectively wipe out existing employer policies. Private insurers could still offer supplemental plans, but only to pay for extras, like cosmetic surgery and premium hospital rooms, that the government plan didn’t cover.

In other words, most Democrats support socialized medicine, aka Medicaid for All (or as it's falsely billed, Medicare for All) but don't understand that they'll lose their health care if they do.

Now why would they think that? It's all in the name.

The poll reveals that most Democrats think that Medicare for All will function as its name suggests it would, like everyone being allowed to get a Medicare plan.

And that's a lie. The lie though is in the name.

Democrats think that they'll be able to have other plans because you can have supplemental coverage with Medicare. Or choose to stay with your existing plan instead of using Medicare.

Trump needs to communicate two things.

1. Medicare for All will take away their health care and reduce their options to Medicaid. At best.

2. The name is a lie meant to fool them because the Sanders plan doesn't work anything like Medicare


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