African-American Republican Forced Out of Cybersecurity Conference for Pro-Life Views

The media keeps squealing that Republicans aren't taking cybersecurity seriously enough because of all the Russian bots. And then Republicans get purged from cybersecurity because they don't believe in killing babies.

Rep. Will Hurd, a somewhat liberal African-American Republican and former CIA officer, is widely recognized as the leading congressional voice on cybersecurity. He's had a plethora of bills dealing with cybersecurity and had been a senior advisor on cybersecurity before getting into politics.

So he was all set to keynote Black Hat, a cybersecurity conference, before the usual social justice trolls began screeching that he had voted against abortion funding. The screeches were amplified by the media echo chamber, in this case its tech subsection.

The perverse irony is that the screeches were backed by the usual talking points about how minorities aren't getting enough of a place in tech.

Rep. Hurd is black.

Much of the push to force out the black Republican for opposing the murder of babies came via Tech Crunch, a spammy site that only got worse when it was hijacked by the Huffington Post, and is currently owned by Verizon.

Added whines came from he Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Eva Galperin who falsely claimed that the African-American elected official would not "make women feel welcome.”

Maddie Stone, a Google "engineer" whined that Hurd “believes that I don’t deserve the basic human right of bodily autonomy.”

As usual, social justice won and science lost.

Black Hat organizers claimed, "We misjudged the separation of technology and politics.

Technology can be separate from politics. Or it can be held hostage by politics. This year, politics hacked Black Hat.