Bernie Sanders Falsely Claims Article Describing His Wealth is Anti-Semitic

Appearing on The Young Turks, a show which shares a name with a ruling class that perpetrated genocide against Christians, Senator Bernie Sanders falsely claimed that a Politico article about his newfound wealth was anti-Semitic.

“Call that what it is, an anti-Semitic article,” Bernie Sanders falsely stated.

Senator Sanders' false claim followed other efforts by his staff and his allies, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to falsely describe the Michael Kruse profile as anti-Semitic.

In fact, The Secret of Bernie's Millions, made no references whatsoever to the Jewish background of Bernie's ancestors, it provided a balanced view with plenty of positive quotes from Bernie's pals, and while it documented Bernie's wealth, it had no real ax to ground. Indeed the piece was a fairly laid back profile that mentioned how much money Senator Sanders had without passing judgment on it.

Bernie's false attempts to muddy the waters by smearing the profile as anti-Semitic is deeply troubling considering his long alliance with actual anti-Semites from Jesse Jackson to Keith Ellison to Ilhan Omar.

Not only does Bernie collaborate with and normalize anti-Semites, but he cynically exploits a real problem to protect his own power and profit.