Bernie "Women Fantasize About Rape" Sanders Backs Legalizing Prostitution

Creepy Bernie has some issues.

 "A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously."

His campaign was basically one big sexual harassment safe space.

The floodgates opened when it was revealed that six senior staffers from the Bernie campaign had complained about Carmona’s behavior.  Instead of disciplining him, the Sanders campaign promoted their Latino Outreach man even higher in the campaign.

. Masha Mendieta, the California outreach director for the Sanders campaign, reported that in Chicago, “men and women were made to sleep together in open rooms on mattresses with no privacy or safety locks.”

"I remember feeling physically unsafe at that point. I sat on the stairs in that drab house being told I’d have to sleep in a room with three other men and felt nauseous," she wrote.

While Bernie has bemoaned a gender wage gap, she noted that, “Every single man in the department made more than ALL the women. Most of the women were hired as interns.”

Time to back legalizing prostitution.

Less than 24 hours after Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said she would be "open" to decriminalizing sex work, the Bernie Sanders campaign told VICE the candidate believes it's a policy that "should be considered."

"Bernie believes that decriminalization is certainly something that should be considered," Deputy Communications Director Sarah Ford said in an email Thursday morning. "Other countries have done this and it has shown to make the lives of sex workers safer."

In May, Sanders said he would consider "legalizing prostitution," but this is the first time he's used the "decriminalization" framework 

Under socialism, prostitutes are the only people who have jobs. Just look at Cuba or Venezuela.

Foreign tourists, especially Canadians and Spaniards, are traveling to Cuba in surprising numbers for sex – and not just with adult prostitutes. They are finding underage girls and boys, a joint investigation by The Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald has found.

Havana’s conspicuous scenes of street-level prostitution are the outward face of a hidden prostitution trade in minors, some as young as 4, some with families complicit in their exploitation, the newspapers found.

-Cuba’s government “made no known efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex,” noted the 2012 version of the U.S. State Department’s annual report on global Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

-The 2003 version noted that some officials of Cuban state enterprises such as restaurants and hotels “turn a blind eye to this (child) exploitation because such activity helps to win hard currency.”

Socialism. This is their dream future.


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