Buttigieg Has To Do Many Things at Once and Running His City Isn't One of Them

I was in South Bend once. And my wife asked me to get her out of there as soon as possible.

I did.

So I can't blame Buttigieg for wanting to get out of South Bend, despite running for president on falsely claiming to have turned the failed city around. Multiple shootings didn't get Buttigieg to go back home. Until a cop shot a black man resulting in predictable politically correct outrage.

After quickly putting on a show, selling out the caps and getting berated by Black Lives Matter, Buttigieg is running away back to 2020.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a 2020 contender, is defending his decision to attend the first Democratic debate despite tensions in his city of South Bend, Ind., after a white police officer fatally shot a black man.

"We have to be able to do many things at once," Buttigieg said in an MSNBC interview on Wednesday, indicating his plans to attend the debate.

"This is not just a policy question, this is a moral question," he continued. "And everything that all of us do, we do in the shadow of systemic racism that has poisoned the relationship between communities of color and police departments everywhere in the country.”

The "moral" question here is that you signed up to run a city. Instead, you saw your chance to impress Chelsea resteurant owners and maybe become Biden's VP.

That's more important to you.

And that's understandable.

But then the moral thing to do, if you prioritzed your career aspirations over your responsibilities, is to stop the hollow sermonizing like a poor man's Obama, step down and let somebody else run South Bend.

But Butt wants to be able to claim to be "Mayor Pete" who turned a city around. Without that he's just another hipster Rhodes Scholar. So he won't step down. And he won't go back to running South Bend. But he'll keep talking about how politics is moral while behaving like an immoral politician who puts his own greed ahead of the lives of the people he's being paid to serve.