"Civil Rights Icon" John Lewis Gives Biden Cover on Segregationists

We're truly living in Oceanian times now.

On the one hand, there's a ferocious culture of political correctness so deranged that people are being lynched for the slightest verbal missteps. Not even missteps but positive comments that someone decided to take issue with for purely political reasons. 

On the other hand, there's Joe Biden, who has spent his entire life getting a free pass for saying and doing offensive things, getting cover for bragging about working with segregationists from the guy who trademarked 'civil rights icon'.

I'm not joking. It's how the Politico spin piece begins.

Civil rights icon John Lewis said Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden's remarks about his past work with segregationists in the Senate were not offensive, offering the 2020 Democratic front-runner a lifeline after a week of withering criticism from other White House hopefuls.

“I don't think the remarks are offensive,” Lewis (D-Ga.) told reporters, recounting the range of unsavory people he’s worked shoulder to shoulder with. “During the height of the civil rights movement we worked with people and got to know people that were members of the Klan — people who opposed us, even people who beat us, and arrested us and jailed us.”

But, the longtime Georgia congressman declared, “We never gave up on our fellow human beings, and I will not give up on any human being."

Take that Cory Booker.

Booker had tried to cash in on the comments. Kamala Harris had been more restrained. That suggests she's thinking V.P. while Booker doesn't think Biden will pick him.

But you can always roll out, "Civil rights icon John Lewis" to play defense for you.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is about 1 for 3 in dealing with the Left. And that's bound to appeal to a chunk of the Dems who, as one delegate told me at the 2016 convention in Philly, are tired of the crazies.