With Dem House Vote, Migrant Crisis Turns Against Dems

The House passage of the Senate border bill is one of the few signs that the Dems strategy of doubling down on worsening the crisis is failing.

A House Blue Dog rebellion forced Speaker Pelosi to bring the Senate border bill to the floor, instead of trying to pass a prog bill that the Senate would have dismissed. The fundamental calculation there was that playing politics with providing aid to migrant children might be backfiring.

The defeat comes just after the media had turned a Wayfair walkout over selling beds to detention facilities with children into a pet cause. 

The Wayfair message was that the way forward was to make conditions worse. The House vote signals that's not a sustainable strategy.

Pelosi, who always has an ear out, got that. The vote infuriates lefties while giving red state Dems some cover. It also deescalates the humanitarian side of it. And, of course, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is furious.


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