Dem Pols Use Regulatory Blocks Against Conservative Media, Should GOP Learn From It?

I recently began my remarks at a conservative conference by noting that everyone in the room hated CNN, but little had been done to go after AT&T, which owns CNN. And the effort to stop the AT&T bid had been limited and lacked much conservative support.

The Left has no problem using whatever government power it has to go after conservative media companies and shut them down.

Sens. Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have gotten together to criticize the acquisition of 21 regional sports networks by Sinclair Broadcast Group, asking what the FCC and the Justice Department might be doing about it.

The sports channels, which televise major professional and college sports to regional audiences, came up for sale as a condition of the Disney acquisition of what had been Fox assets. 

“It is clear that Sinclair has an explicit interest in, and commitment to, relaying partisan political messages to its viewers — making its recent anti competitive expansion attempts into millions of additional households all the more concerning,” the senators wrote.

As opposed to ESPN?

Lefty pols like Sanders and Warren, who have benefited from a partisan media landscape, laughably pretend to care about partisan political messages.

When it's not their messages.

The larger point though is that this is how lefties fight their wars. They don't unilaterally disarm. They don't take any tactics off the table.

Conservatives may want to contemplate whether there is something worth learning here.