Democratic Conference Vice-Chairwoman: "Impeachment is a Tool... Not a Goal"

This is a very good quote because it's one of those rare instances of the media broadcasting the real motives and agendas of the witch hunt.

But the Democratic Conference vice chairwoman, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.), dismissed the idea that Democratic leaders were sending mixed messages to their caucus.

“I think we have one clear shared goal, and that is to get this president out of office as soon as possible,” Clark said. But she drew a clear contrast with Clyburn’s comments on Sunday.

“I certainly understand people’s thoughts about this, but I think it’s important to remember impeachment is a tool, not an end goal itself.”

The context were Clyburn's remarks claiming that impeachment is apolitical.

CLYBURN: "We're trying to ensure we do what's necessary to educate the public, make sure the public understands exactly what we're doing, why we're doing it, so people won't misinterpret this as being a political move on our part. We believe that if we do it efficiently and effectively, it will be one that the public will understand and will support. If the public ever feels that we're being political with this, we will have done a tremendous harm to the country, to the constitution and to the people that we are sworn to serve."

TAPPER: "It sounds like you think that the president will be impeached or at least proceedings will begin in the house at some point, but just not right now."

CLYBURN: "That's exactly what I feel."

So much for that.

As Clark makes very clear, impeachment is just one of a number of ways of achieving a political goal, forcing Trump out of office, and undoing the results of the 2016 election, in order to get the Democrats back in power.