Dep. of Ed Investigates Foreign Cash Influence Over Universities

Shortly, the media will discover the foreign collusion that it doesn't want to see investigated.

The U.S. Education Department has opened investigations into foreign funding at Georgetown University and Texas A&M University as part of a broader push to monitor international money flowing to American colleges:

“The inquiries are part of a broader campaign to scrutinize foreign funding going to universities and to improve reporting by schools, according to a Trump administration official familiar with the effort.

More schools probably will face questioning as federal officials focus on an issue they see as crucial to transparency and national security, according to the official, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the investigations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Federal law requires U.S. colleges to report contracts and donations from foreign sources totaling $250,000 or more, but past filings from Georgetown and Texas A&M “may not fully capture” that information, according to the letters.

As an example, department officials wrote, both schools should have reported funding related to branch campuses they operate in Qatar, an oil-rich nation in the Mideast that hosts the outposts of several U.S. colleges.

The records being sought by investigators go far beyond Qatar, though, and include dealings with China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, and specific companies in those nations. Investigators ordered both schools to disclose funding from Huawei or ZTE, the Chinese tech giants that some U.S. officials call a threat to national security. Georgetown is being asked to detail money it received from any sources in Saudi Arabia or Russia, including Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity company.

The letters warn that Georgetown and Texas A&M could face legal action and financial penalties if they’re found to have broken the rules. If investigators find a violation, it can be referred to the U.S. attorney general’s office for action “to compel compliance and to recover the full costs'” of the investigation and enforcement, according to the letters.”

Georgetown is particularly notorious for being a wide funnel for money from Islamic countries. But so are quite a number of major institutions.

Foreign governments, including enemy states, have been able to buy influence with "generous donations" to major schools, turning them into echo chambers and propaganda machines.

In an age where Democrats freak out over Russian bots, it's certainly peculiar that they don't care about how much influence Qatar has contrivied to buy from Brookings or how foreign arms of NYU and other colleges work exactly.

Now wait for the media, particularly the Washington Post and the New York Times, to begin spinning this as an attack on education.