Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Competing to Give Away More Taxpayer Money

There are people who call themselves "conservatives" who admire Senator Elizabeth Warren. Some even, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, Sanders and Warren are competing over who can bankrupt America faster.

Warren has risen in the polls, largely by cutting into Sanders' lead with a pack of five-year plans. Sanders is retaliating by going her one better.

If Warren proposes assuming most student debt, Sanders will call for eliminating all $1.6 trillion of it.

That's right. The grad student who piled up six figures in debt while working toward a PhD in Media Studies should be your problem.

Predictably, Bernie is talking about paying for it with a tax on Wall Street. Even more predictably, his claims of the money that the tax will bring in and reality barely meet each other on a Burlington street.

But that's fine.

Now it'll be Elizabeth Warren's turn to propose free sofas for everyone making less than $30,000 a year. And some "conservatives" will cheer how much she cares about the American people. Because nothing says caring like pushing us beyond bankruptcy with crazy lies and huge taxes.