Elizabeth Warren Can't Keep Hiding Behind 5-Year Plans

After trying to back up her fake claims of being an American Indian with a DNA test, Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign prospects seemed shot. But she managed to reinvigorate her campaign with an Eastern Bloc strategy of announcing a new plan every other day.

The plan vomit, resembling something more likely to be seen in the pages of Pravda, has been key to rebuilding her 2020 standing.

But, as the campaign gets underway, Warren can't keep hiding behind plans forever. And, as she campaigns, the Hillary Clinton reminders are inevitable. A big part of why Warren's standing tumbled after the DNA test was that it was a Hillaryesque moment.

The barrage of plans are meant to distinguish Warren from Hillary. Unlike the former First Lady, she wants to be seen as a prog risk taker who will move leftward and who isn't defined by her public persona. But you can't campaign from behind a white paper.

It just won't work.

And on the campaign trail, Warren is Hillary, awkwardly artificial, pushing a social justice program while lacking in empathy, and striving to hide the underlying coldness and abrasiveness of someone who just isn't a very nice person.