Giant Boring Waste of Money Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What should you name a boring waste of money after in a failed socialist city whose proggie policies managed to bring back typhus? 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of course.

Who better to name a boring machine after than a senile apparatchik who can hardly stay awake in court. RBG recalls the old Soviet joke about its leaders lying in office.

And, to make up for mean Mr. Trump refusing to dump the founder of the Democrat Party from the $20, Harriet Tubman.

Metro officials unveiled two new Tunnel Boring Machines for the Purple Line extension project in Century City. The agency also revealed the winning entry in a contest to name the new machines: Harriet and Ruth. 

That's the LA metro which no one wants and no one will use, and is wildly unpopular.

So of course it's time to run a contest to name two giant boring machines after the current Heroes of the People's Struggle. Though I'm sure transgender activists will now claim that they're being erased. As they do every 5 minutes.

Meanwhile another few hundred million dollars gets flushed down the toilet with the right people, who aren't named Harriet or Ruth, pocketing the money.

It's just another day in the People's Republic of California.


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