Ground Zero Mosque Wife Now Expert Witness in Terror Trials

Our current state of counterterrorism is such that Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Patrick Poole, Dave Reaboi, John Rossomando, Stephen Coughlin, or Philip Haney would be extremely unlikely to be invited as experts on terrorism.

The wife of the Ground Zero Mosque Imam though? Sure. Come on down and tell us that ISIS supporters don't understand Islam.

Ceasar believes Islam is disrespected in the United States and wanted to help “make Islam great again,” said defense witness Daisy Khan, of the Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality, a reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan.

So we've got a cheap shot at Trump. But what exactly is Khan accomplishing for the defense, beyond whitewashing Islam?

Khan met with Ceasar six times at the request of defense attorneys and determined her actual knowledge of Islam was limited at best.

“She doesn’t know what much about her religion,” Khan said.


Again, why is the defense bringing in Khan to testify as to whether an ISIS supporter properly understands Islam? Is this really about helping the defendant or about allowing Khan to promote a particular narrative?


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