House Dems Think They're Doing Such a Good Job They Want To Give Themselves a Raise

And they say Congress never gets anything done

After spending the GDP of several small African countries to take over the House, the Democrats have done two things with their new power.

1. Create 3,000 committees to investigate Trump

2. Give themselves a pay raise

I doubt anyone in the country thinks that Pelosi's army of whiners deserves a pay raise. But, luckily House Dems get to vote themselves a raise.

Nice work if you can get it.

House Democrats are moving forward with a plan to give members of Congress their first pay increase in a decade.

The party has scheduled a vote on a $1 trillion spending package next week that includes the annual bill funding congressional operations. The measure leaves out language in effect since 2010 that would prevent lawmakers from receiving an annual cost-of-living increase to the $174,000 base salary for rank-and-file lawmakers.

This week Democrats unveiled a separate Financial Services spending bill that would also allow the increase to go forward.

And they say Congress never gets anything done.

The issue of pay raises for lawmakers is politically fraught, and any measure is likely to be blocked in the Republican-held Senate. 

Those mean Republicans just keep holding back progress. Don't they care about the poor? Like Bernie Sanders. He only has 3 houses. And what will happen to Pelosi's vineyard?

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer acknowledged the opposition but said the freeze on increases made it hard to pay and retain staff.

Citation needed. 

He said that while he supported congressional belt-tightening during the recession, the strong economy helps make the case for an increase now.

“I don’t think there’s ever a time when people think it’s very good politically to do," he said. "In this present climate, where the president says we have one of the best economies in the entire history of the world, I don’t know."

So it's Trump's fault that Democrats want to give themselves a raise?

Democrats point out that lawmakers would be making $208,000 per year by now if the decade of pay freezes had not been put into effect and that the median single family home price in Capitol Hill has increased 58 percent in the past decade.

They ought to be making $208,000. Right now they're starving in the streets because they're only making $174,000.


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