House Judiciary Committee Gets Desperate w/Dean Invite


I know that the average Dem House leader had his glory days in the Nixon era and keeps getting Watergate flashbacks, but this is just bad.

The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to call Watergate star witness and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean to testify on the Mueller report, an effort to draw public attention to special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings amid heated debate over the prospect of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Sure, let's bring a guy from the Nixon era to discuss a supposed scandal in 2019.

John Dean was White House Counsel in 1973. It's been a while.

This is the House Judiciary Committee desperately pandering to donors and seeking publicity stunts. 

Dean has been dining out on this forever and what appears to be his Twitter account is full of unhinged tweets like, "At 37,000 feet heading to a granddaughter’s graduation, I was thinking about Trump’s lawless and/or thoughtless chaos. Peggy Noonan’s column (earlier tweet) planted a seed: The HJC should start hearing to CENSURE AND/OR IMPEACH. Censure pre-election. Impeach if he’s re-elected!" and "If Hope Hicks wants to be on the right side of history she will go to Congress and tell all. If she thinks Trump will be see as anything more than the incompetent and corrupt mess he is, she better take a closer look and talk to a few who are not in the cult!"

By inviting Dean, the House Judiciary Committee has once again announced that it's a circus and should not be taken seriously.