Joe Biden Used to Donate $369 a Year to Charity

Never let it be said that in addition to a bald head, Joe Biden has a bald heart.

Look at the scale of his generosity and weep. You've probably given more to charity than he does.

While campaigning, Biden frequently recalls how he approached his father — who ran a Chevrolet dealership in Delaware — on the car lot to borrow a new car for the prom. His dad was pacing, upset, after being denied a loan to send him to college.

It remains the emotional core of his stump speech, the place where his voice drops dramatically: “Think of all the people you know who have been in that situation. It’s about dignity. The dignity of work. Being able to be in a position where you have affordable education, affordable health care.”

A review of his previous tax returns show the Bidens’ adjusted gross income at $215,432 in 1998, the first year he has made available. It remained in that neighborhood until 2009, when they added about $55,000 annually in Social Security and pensions.

By Biden’s final years in office, the couple’s gross income totaled around $390,000 annually.

The tax returns showed they had almost no investment income, and they often reported few charitable contributions. For the 10 years preceding 2008, they donated an average of $369 annually to charity — or 0.1 percent of their adjusted gross income. The total increased when Biden served as vice president, with donations of book proceeds to charity, clothing to Goodwill and other contributions.

Please tell me he wasn't writing off book donations?

But it's Joe Biden. Of course he was.