Kamala Harris Commits to Abusing Police Powers to Target Political Opponents

If you loved Obama's police state, get ready for Kamala's police state.

And we should expect nothing less from an Attorney General of the People's Republic of Californistan. Her successor's war on the First Amendment on behalf of Planned Parenthood was the state's proudest moment since the Chinese Exclusion Act.

So here's Senator Kamala Harris vowing to target her political opponent for criminal prosecution.

California Sen. Kamala Harris says that if she's elected president, her administration's Department of Justice would likely pursue criminal obstruction of justice charges against a former President Donald Trump.

"I believe that they would have no choice and that they should, yes," Harris told the NPR Politics Podcast, pointing to the 10 instances of possible obstruction that former special counsel Robert Mueller's report detailed without making a determination as to whether the episodes amounted to criminal conduct.

That continues Obama's policy of trying to target conservative political opponents, including Trump, using the IRS, the NSA and the DOJ.

If you loved Obama's police state, get ready for Kamala's police state.

"There has to be accountability," Harris added. "I mean look, people might, you know, question why I became a prosecutor. Well, I'll tell you one of the reasons — I believe there should be accountability."

Yes, Kamala believes there has to be accountability. That's why her old sugar daddy, Willie Brown, is still running things and a free man. It's why her office covered up sexual harassment by one of her close friends.

It's why Mohammed Nuru is running San Francisco's DPW.

It's why she's threatening to go after one of her political opponents, but not any of her corrupt political allies.