Lefties Love Detained Kids So Much They Want Them to Sleep on the Floor

Lefties love the detained kids being used by human traffickers to invade this country. They do. They love them so much they want them to be as miserable as possible.

When Wayfair sold $200,000 worth of beds to be used in a detention facility, hundreds of the company's lefty employees organized a walkout.

“We believe that by selling these (or any) products to BCFS or similar contractors we are enabling [a child rights] violation and are complicit in furthering the inhumane actions of our government," Wayfair Walkout claimed.

Except beds actually reduce rights violations. Preventing children from having beds makes life worse for them.

But if you've been paying attention to what House Dems have been doing, that's the point. The goal is to deny resources for political reasons in order to increase misery and broaden the crisis.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who can always be counted on to say idiotic things, tweeted, "Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children."

I don't know how you cage children in beds, but congratulations to Cortez for managing a syntax that is every bit as tortured as her reasoning.

The simple truth is that the endgame here is making kids miserable. The perps are lefties.

The formula is simple.

The more kids cry, the more lefties like Maddow can film themselves crying for them.

The more kids die, the more Dems get elected.