Lincoln Chafee is Running Out of Parties

Remember when Lincoln Chafee was a Republican? And then when he pretended, implausibly, to be an independent? Then he ran against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 nomination by talking about the Iraq War.


The horror continued with Lincoln Chafee, a man whose only purpose in coming to the debate was to take home the prize of the worst political candidate on this stage and on every stage in history.

Challenged on his party switching, he claimed to be “a block of granite” on the issues. Then he whined that he shouldn’t be held accountable for a Senate vote because it was his “first vote” and “my dad died.”

In one of the debate’s greatest moments of glorious insanity, Chafee insisted that Hillary’s email scandal was an issue because of Iraqi WMDs.

Also there was the frog thing.

“I’m very proud that over my almost 30 years of public service, I have had no scandals,” Chafee sheepishly said in his introduction at the showdown in Las Vegas.

But that’s not entirely true.

He was in hot water once for using a $6,000 slush fund to buy many strange things, including multiple frogs for an office aquarium.

Chafee is running out of parties. So he switched to the party that will seemingly take anybody.

Lincoln D. Chafee, the Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat who served as Rhode Island’s governor and as a US senator, is now a member of the Libertarian Party.

“I bought property in Wyoming and registered to vote out there in my fourth party — I’m a Libertarian,” Chafee said Tuesday while in Providence. “It’s what I’ve always been — fiscally conservative and socially liberal.”

New party alone isn't going to do it. New state is a better plan. New country would be an even better plan.

The Communist Party of Russia could really use some fresh blood. Or the African National Congress. The sky's the limit.