Mohammed Morsi, Anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood Dictator Loved by Democrats, Dies

Mohammed Morsi, the former Egyptian president placed into power by a coup backed by the Obama administration and ousted by popular protests, is dead.

Morsi, the vanguard of a takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, continued to enjoy the backing of Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other leading Democrats, despite the anti-Christian violence unleashed by his supporters.

Even long after he had been overthrown by popular protests, Democrat officials and the media have continued to call for his release.

That release is no longer possible as Morsi's ugly, hateful life has come to an end.

After video came out of Mohammed Morsi slurring Jews as "the descendants of apes and pigs" and urging that Egyptians  "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them", Kerry and other Democrats still continued to defend Obama's backing for Morsi.

While Morsi is dead, the damage that his Muslim Brotherhood regime did, continues to reverberate in the deaths of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai, where the Jihadists he backed have now aligned with ISIS, in Hamas violence in Gaza, a group that is another arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and in the continued violence carried out by Islamists in general and Muslim Brotherhood members specifically against Christians in Egypt.

These facts will be neglected in the media hagiographies of the racist dictator. That is all the more reason for us to remember them.


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